VRX2019 Conference – Amsterdam

One of our founders, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, presented last week at VRX 2019 in Amsterdam to about 70 industry professionals about the opportunities and challenges of VR in Education. Daniel is the Project Lead – Exploring VR in Further Education, Remote Learning and Language Learning – at Coleg Menai, North Wales, UK. His background is in English Language Teaching where he teaches refugees and migrant workers and he is now focusing on immersive technologies to explore this field in education.

Representing his College and Educators in VR, he had many conversations throughout the event about the future of virtual reality in education. He also made contact with experts and businesses on behalf of Educators in VR and made the following arrangements:

  • Hewlett Packard added Educators in VR to their new HP Reverb headset testers team, ready in June.
  • Xennial Digital will grant access to test their content for testing to members.
  • Finnish Company 360MediaHouse offered testing accounts for their 360 online editing platform.
  • Funding potential for RemoteVR Classes and Academics at conferences and expos.
Daniel Dyboski-Bryant trialing the Magic Leap with Xennial Digital content.

The industry is working hard on driving adoption and building quality content across the spectrum of education. Educators in VR members are on the cutting edge of that industry with our experience and expertise in delivering quality virtual reality experiences, research, apps, and training across multiple age groups and disciplines.

An interesting area of growth of LBE (Location Based Entertainment) as a means of reaching and marketing to new customers offers an opportunity for education to collaborate with companies. We believe that our global members are key players in offering LBE experiences and education. Don’t you?

More conferences and expos are coming up, and we’d like to have Educators in VR represented at these events. If you will be attending or speaking, please let us know how we can help you spread the word. Thanks!


  1. This is amazing Daniel!! Well done and an excellent result of your hard work at the Conference. Thank you on behalf of everyone in the Educators in VR group 🙂

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