Educators in VR: News You Can Use for 29 March 2019

Our active Educators in VR Discord group shares news and information you can use about virtual reality in education at all levels, including corporate training and education. Here are a few of the treasures shared this week.

Brags on Our Members

VR Stats and Facts

VR in the Classroom

Educational VR Tools, Apps, and Resources

Virtual Reality Research

VR Education Awards and Recognition

Science and Health

Virtual Reality Industry

Use of VR in Corporate and Industry

VR Content Creation

Books on VR, AR, XR, etc.

If you have an interest news item, resource, or research on virtual reality in education, please share it with us in the appropriate channel on our Educators in VR Discord group.

These links are for informational purposes only and not considered a recommendation or endorsement. Please note that while we do our best to ensure links are valid, and we do our best to keep them updated, some do fail the test of time. Thank you.

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