April 2020 Events and Workshops

Educators in VR is busier than ever as the world stays self-isolated, working from home, reaching out to virtual reality and Educators in VR to help provide resources, consulting, and training on producing and hosting virtual events in VR.

This past month found us busier than ever as we moved from the success of the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit into consulting, training, and production support for schools, governments, businesses, and conferences changing from real-world to virtual.

Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus and the Educators in VR 24 Hr English Lesson in VR.We also had a very successful first-ever 24 Hour English Lesson and fundraiser with Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus, an Educators in VR sponored and produced event that raised over 2,000 Euro for Red Cross Italy Lecce and had hundreds of attendees across 3 virtual platforms in those 24 hours. Well done, Michael!

In addition to our regularly weekly Educators in VR workshops on Tuesdays in AltspaceVR, we have special events, open discussions, and great news for you. We’ve also updating our Educators in VR events calendar on Google to help you find all our events across multiple platforms, including our Educators in VR AltspaceVR channel. For a look at all the events across the VR metaverse, check out the VR Events by VRevents.io.

Educators in VR Workshops and Trainings

Educators in VR Workshop with Sonya Haskins, esports and VR games expert.Tuesday Weekly Workshops: We meet in AltspaceVR and the workshops are free and open to the public.

Educators in VR International Summit - Workshop.Training Workshops: Educators in VR is dedicated to providing training programs and workshops for educators, learners, researchers, and anyone interested in creating educational events in VR. The workshops are a combination of free introductory programs and paid workshops.

ENGAGE Workshops: Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and the Educators in VR team present a variety of free and paid workshops in ENGAGE.

vCoaching event around a campfire in AltspaceVR.vCoaching Discussion: Fear and Anxiety in AltspaceVR: Join Dana-Maria (CaptainVR) as she hosts this open discussion on our fears and anxieties in and around coronavirus and the stresses and anxieties we face daily. Dana-Maria will explore tips, techniques, and tools for stress and anxiety reduction, especially VR tools and techniques. These events will be hosted every Wednesday.

Educators in VR Social Event.VR Research in AltspaceVR: Our VR Research Project Team Leader, Evelien Ydo, will be hosting a series of discussions and workshops to bring together researchers from across the spectrum dedicated to researching VR in education and its impact. If you are a researcher studying VR, you’ll want to join in on the conversation.

February 25, 2020 – Educators in VR After Summit Social: Come party with us to celebrate the After Summit Social, an opportunity to network with attendees, speakers, and volunteers who survived the International Summit. We will be partying hardying!

Educators in VR Partnership and Sponsored Events

Students in VR Conference: May 7-8 are the dates to save for our upcoming Students in VR conference, a student produced and presented two-day conference in AltspaceVR and ENGAGE. The students will be mentored and trained by the Educators in VR volunteer support team and they will be presenting TED-talk style presentations to help teachers learn how to integrate VR into the classroom and show off their virtual skills. If you would like to volunteer as a teacher or bring your class and students on board to help or present, please contact the Students in VR team immediately through the Educators in VR contact form.

iLRN Immersive Learning Research Network Annual Conference June 21-25 in VR: Educators in VR is proud to partner with iLRN for their annual conference as they go virtual for the first time. This is a huge conference featuring academics and researchers from around the world presenting their academic papers and presenting workshops on immersive learning in AltspaceVR and ENGAGE, along with some other goodies and special events. For more information check the ILRN website and conference details, and if you hurry, register before April 19th and admission by students, faculty, staff members, or administrators in academia is FREE.

Other Educational Events in the Metaverse

We love supporting educational events in and around VR to ensure you have an opportunity to expand your skill set and see the full potential. Check the Education category for more events from VR Events at VRevents.io.

April 2 – English Conversation Class: Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus language learning is starting a series of workshops on Learning English in VR. The first one is April 2 in AltspaceVR, with others following daily at different times for the various world time zones. Check out the full list on the Gold Lotus Learn English in VR channel on AltspaceVR, and check out his events in ENGAGE.

Educational Events in AltspaceVR: Check the Events Calendar on AltspaceVR for specifics. Here are a few we recommend.

Educational Events in ENGAGE: Check the list of public events in ENGAGE for free and paid educational events. (Note: Registration with ENGAGE requires a subscription.)

How to Attend Educators in VR Events

Educators in VR is dedicated to providing educational events, trainings, and workshops for educators and learners to prepare them for the future of spatial technologies in education. We offer weekly workshops in AltspaceVR and other platforms, and a monthly meetup featuring key educators, trainers, and developers in VR, AR, XR, and MR technology and education.

Join our Educators in VR Discord group, Facebook, and follow us on Twitter for information on meetups and how to become more involved.

Consider subscribing to our Educators in VR AltspaceVR channel to receive regular reminders of upcoming events there. Educators in VR events are held on AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, and other VR and virtual social, events, and educational platforms. Be aware that all platforms required registration to enter and some platforms require a membership fee for entrance and attendence of some events.

We meet regularly in AltspaceVR, a free virtual reality social app and community. You may RSVP an event and AltspaceVR will send you a reminder an hour before the event.

You may attend as a guest or member using the free AltspaceVR mobile app or 2D version. AltspaceVR is available for Samsung Gear, Steam Store for HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, and the Oculus Store for Rift, Go and Quest users. If you do not have a VR device, you may also install the 2D version for use on your Windows desktop computer. A headset and microphone (quality earbuds acceptable) is required to participate. Otherwise please stay muted during the event as the background noise and echoes may be disruptive. For more information on accessing and installing AltspaceVR, check out their download web page.

If you would like to present at one of our weekly workshops, please submit your speaker’s proposal to us. Considering joining one of our many team projects. If you have questions or need more information, please contact us or connect with one of our many social media channels.

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