Thomas Flynn, Cultural Heritage Lead, SketchFab, on Optimizing 3D Scans for VR

Thomas Flynn of Sketchfab.Thomas Flynn, Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab, is the guest speaker at the Educators in VR Cultural Heritage Preservation Meetup on Thursday, March 18, 2021, in AltspaceVR. He will be speaking on “Optimizing 3D Scans for VR,” introducing us to sourcing educational 3D models from the Sketchfab platform and an open source workflow for optimizing these 3D files for VR.

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As Cultural Heritage Lead at Sketchfab, Thomas Flynn supports cultural organizations and projects of all sizes in developing and delivering 3D digitization, display and outreach programs. Thomas is also co-chair emeritus of the IIIF 3D Community Group. For more information about this work, visit: Sketchfab Museums. You may also connect with Thomas Flynn on Twitter.

He’s also published articles and presentations on the critical work for cultural preservation through 3D and VR. Check out his online whitepaper, “Introduction to 3D, copyright and open access,” “Realtime Online 3D” from the Dvis Symposium 2020 Keynote.

Educators in VR’s Cultural Heritage Preservation team project meets regularly to discuss and share information about cultural heritage, history, landmarks, museums, and other man-made and natural preservation tips, techniques, apps, virtual worlds, and museums, helping us understand not just how to preserve and protect but enjoy our history in XR.

Join us in the Educators in VR Discord‘s Cultural Heritage Preservation channel for discussions, resources, and articles to help you learn more.

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