Daniel Dyboski-Bryant Guest for Virtual World Society Fireside Chat

Daniel Dyboski Bryant Speaker at Virtual World Society Fireside Chat March 11 2021

Our co-founder, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, is the featured guest today with the Virtual World Society and their Fireside Chats with Tom Furness in AltspaceVR.

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant is a long-time educator specializing in virtual and augmented reality, immersive technologies, 360 media, teacher training, and communication and languages. He speaks five languages. As lecturer at Coleg Menai, he was honored with the INSPIRE Award for Best Tutor in Wales, UK.

Daniel has presented at leading international conferences including AWE, VRX Amsterdam, and other universities and conferences, including our Educators in VR conferences and events.

Join he and Tom Furness for the Virtual World Society Fireside Chat today, March 18, 2021, to learn more and join the discussion.

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