Educators in VR Events for Week of March 8, 2021

We’ve a packed week of events this week with Educators in VR. Here is a summary of upcoming events, along with some highlights from related organizations worth considering adding to your scheduled.

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NOTE: Daylight Savings Time Weeks: Be aware that events may not be at their expected times for the next two weeks. Check the event link for the updated time in your time zone as we endure another two weeks of daylight savings time scheduling confusion.

Educators in VR VR Researchers Event World.Today, our VR Researcher Team meetings in AltspaceVR for a social networking and open discussion event for people to share their research across the spectrum of XR and learn from each other. If you are new to VR research, it’s a great opportunity to meet others with experience. If you are experienced, please help answer questions. It’s a great way to learn about what is going on in the XR research world.

Educators in VR Training Center in AltspaceVR.Tuesday is our monthly Educational World Tour in AltspaceVR. We will begin with an introduction to the new Educators in VR Training Center presentation space, discussing the techniques involved, then onto some other educational worlds to discuss tips, techniques, and suggestions for encouraging use of virtual worlds for classes, training, and even student homework.

The vCoaching & Personal Development workshop this week in AltspaceVR with Dana-Maria Fanaker, team leader and CaptainVR, is with Rishi Ahuja, Founder and Managing Director of KLIP VR, discussing their philosophy for selecting and developing content in VR for education that caters to a large volume of learners at at the same time.

Students in VR’s Wednesday Workshop in AltspaceVR features amazing topics and special guests each week. This student-led and hosted event continues the great work of Dr. Angelina Dayton and her team in creating opportunities for leadership in XR for students of all ages.

Sketchfab for Cultural Heritage Museums - Thomas Flynn 2021-03-11 112244Thursday, join us in AltspaceVR as the Cultural Heritage and Preservation Team Project welcomes Thomas Flynn, Cultural Heritage Lead at SketchFab to speak on optimizing 3D scans for VR focused on historical and archival objects. He is co-chair emeritus of the IIIF 3D Community Group and oversees the Sketchfab Museums.

Friday, March 19, the XR Medical & Healthcare Team features Dr. Andy Kumar and Dave Sandhu from Resolution Blue Labs Inc., a think tank from Toronto, to discuss VR immersive content for medical education.

AltspaceVR Live speech captioning and translation feature.Tuesday, March 23, our Educators in VR weekly workshop in AltspaceVR features Thomas Logan, of Equal Entry, a renowned leader in technology solutions for a diverse range of disabilities for access and use of VR. This special presentation will also feature the new AltspaceVR live speech captioning and translation feature, a great opportunity to see this powerful and first-ever captioning and translation feature on a VR platform.

March 25, 2021, our Students in VR team will be the guests on the Girls S.T.E.A.M. Webinar held in an online conference.

We now have about 18 special interest groups we call Team Projects in support of our members specific interests. If you would like to become more involved with our Team Projects, suggesting speakers, organizing events, and leading discussion topics, please contact the team in their Educators in VR Discord channel, or contact us and we will connect you with the Team Project leaders.

If you are new to VR events, we’ve a How to Attend Events in VR Guide for you to help you through the process. You may access these events with a VR headset or in 2D with a laptop or desktop computer with headphones.

UniVirtual Experience

Last year’s Educators in VR International Summit is now the UniVirtual Experience, May 1-30. We will have more news coming soon, but get ready to rock this event and experience through all of May.

We will be hosting open discussions with industry leaders, workshops, trainings, bootcamps, lectures, and presentations and social events of all kinds across the different social and educational VR platforms, so stay tuned!

Other Educational Events and Activities in VR

Educators in VR supports a wide range of XR educational events and activities. Here are a few to consider adding to your schedule.

Girls S.T.E.A.M. Webinar features Lelia Pourhashemi of BlackHawk Network, Tuesday, March 16, celebrating Women’s History Month and the impact of women in the XR industry. Our team from Students in VR will be the guests at the March 25th webinar.

Also in AltspaceVR on Tuesday, March 16, Andy Fidel of #GETSOCIAL and #SPATIALCHAT hosts a presentation on hosting virtual conferences, events, and persistent social spaces in VR.

Thursday, March 18, Dana-Maria Fanaker of CaptainVR will present a workshop in AltspaceVR with Frank Rood, founder and owner of MyTime Creator Platform for stress reduction and time management.

Thursday is also the next RotaryVR Universe meeting with special guest John Bucher, Creative Director of the Joseph Campbell Foundation discussing the search for buried treasure in the stories we share to build a better world.

March 19, Jim Intriglia will be hosting an event on ENGAGE VR called “VR FlightSIM: Educational Opportunities for General Aviation.

iLRN2021, the 7th International Conference of the Immersive Learning Research Network, is scheduled for May 17 – June 10 this year. Calls for papers and presentations are open and deadlines approaching quickly.

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