Congratulations to Sketchfab 9 Years and 5 Million Members

Congrats to Sketchfab for celebrating their nineth anniversary and 5 millionth member yesterday.

Sketchfab 5 million members

Sketchfab recently announced they host over a half million free 3D models for VR, AR, and other uses on their site in addition to the millions of paid and demo models.

As we reported a few months ago, Google Poly is shutting down and Sketchfab is among the leaders stepping in to support low poly VR and 3D models including improving their new Poly-to-Sketchfab tool to make the process easier for transferring and uploading.

Tilt Brush, Scaniverse, SiteScape, EveryPoint, Lume Pad, Looking Glass Portrait, Polycam and even Microsoft Teams. There are Sketchfab plugins for Unity, Cinema 4D, and Blender.

Sketchfab website articles screenshot.

Last year, Sketchfab announced that cultural organizations could now dedicate their scand and models to the Public Domain using the Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication (CC0) license, encouraging more museums, heritage sites, archives, and other organizations to share their 3D data openly while adding these invaluable assets to the Public Domain for educators and schools to download, reuse, remix, and creatively explore ancient and modern cultural artifacts, objects, scenes, and experiences in VR and AR. The Smithsonian Institution was one of the early adopters, and examples include:

Congrats to Sketchfab and their whole team and partners, and here is to many more years supporting educators and education. Thank you.

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