Avi Dwivedi of Extended Reality Developers of India

Our weekly Educators in VR workshop on Tuesday in AltspaceVR this week features Avi Dwivedi, founder of Extended Reality Developers of India (XRDI), a non-profit working toward XR/AR/VR technology democratization and education. It is expected to be a packed event, so RSVP to receive a reminder and be there on time to ensure a spot.

Educators in VR’s members often hear from people who believe there isn’t a vibrant XR community in India, and we tell them that it is not just alive and vibrant but changing XR as we know it through amazing innovation and leadership. Avi’s work with XRDI promote this effort in the XRDI community with podcasts networking opportunities, seminars, and workshops in major Indian universities including IITs and IIMs and communities like GS, GDG and IEEE. Check out the XRDI Discord and Facebook group as well.

We are thrilled and honored that he is sharing his thoughts and expertise with us on Tuesday in AltspaceVR.

You can see more of his work on his YouTube Channel and here are some recent presentations he’s done.

How to Attend Events in VR Guide.If you are new to VR events, we’ve a How to Attend Events in VR Guide for you to help you through the process. You may access these events with a VR headset or in 2D with a laptop or desktop computer with headphones.

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