Earth Day World Building Collaboration 2021

Earth Day is April 22 this year, and Educators in VR is once again celebrating it with the AltspaceVR community. This is the third year of our involvement in the Earth Day World Building Festival (Discord).

Earth Day 2021 Restore our Earth.

The event is concentrated on the week of April 22, but Educators in VR and others will be also hosting events throughout the month to honor this important, educational experience. We will be hosting world tours associated with climate change, preservation, and restoration, and working with Virtual World Society for a special Earth Day World Tour.

We’d love to have you join this collaborative month-long event by either building or suggesting an appropriate world for the Earth Day world tours the week of April 22 and throughout the month in our Discord Educators in VR World Builders Channel with a link to the world and “Earth Day” in the post description.

The theme for 2021 is Restore Our Earth, a powerful message for our time as it feels like we are running out of time.

Educators in VR is joined by the ASVR World Tours Team, News & Updates Show for the AltspaceVR community, and others in the AltspaceVR community usually participate in building and/or showcasing worlds with an Earth Day theme.

Ice Cave - The Last Glacier - Immersive Classroom by Lorelle VanFossen.There is so many ideas and suggestions for researching and building worlds based upon the “Restore Our Earth” theme, and a great opportunity to involve students and faculty, and friends and family, in some collaborative world building.

  • Adoption of a plant-rich diet
  • Reserving climate change
  • Pollution
  • Over-population
  • Extinction
  • Restoration
  • Recycling
  • Community gardens
  • Replanting
  • Agricultural Practices (Greening)
  • Biodiversity
  • Clean water

Gold Lotus teaching English Language teaching in VR with history.Past worlds for Earth Day include these hubs to other worlds and individual worlds. To visit them, click on the link and add them to your Favorites list, then find it under the Worlds tab in AltspaceVR. If you do not see the Worlds tab, go to Settings > General > Enable Worlds Beta and flip it on.

Educators in VR vCoaching and Personal Development event in AltspaceVR.

How to Participate

To ensure the world is ready for public visitors in AltspaceVR and share it for potential inclusion in the Earth Day World Tour events:

  1. Set the Universe and World to be Public and Listed.
  2. The world may be built using the AltspaceVR World Editor and Kits or Unity, or both.
  3. Ensure the Diagnostics Tool reports mostly “green” with a tiny bit of yellow.
  4. Ensure the Diagnostics Tool states that the Windows 10, Android, and Mac versions are available in the world.
  5. Share it with us in the Discord Educators in VR World Builders Channel with a link to the world and “Earth Day” in the post description.
  6. Our team will test the world and let you know if it will work for our tours.

If you are new to world building in AltspaceVR, check our Educators in VR AltspaceVR channel of events and the ASVR World Tours on Wednesdays, as well as the help documents in AltspaceVR Support, and search videos on YouTube for AltspaceVR world building.

Help us join the Earth Day team to promote worlds that educate and inspire us to treat our planet better and be better neighbors with nature.


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