Gold Lotus English Language Intros for April

Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus language teaching and consultancy is offering another series of free introductory 20-minute workshops to English language learning in AltspaceVR this month.

English Language Skills Sign.

These are designed to help those studying English as a second language develop their basic language skills in an immersive environment practicing real-life scenarios and experiences as part of the immersive learning and examples of the longer courses. To register for classes, workshops, and training, sign up for announcements from the Educators in VR Institute.

The dates for this series of introductions to English language lessons in AltspaceVR are below. Click the links to check the time in your time zone and to RSVP. AltspaceVR will send an email reminder one hour prior to the event.

Learning kitchen names and cooking in English in AltspaceVR.Michael McDonald is the co-team leader of the vLanguage Learning Team in Educators in VR that features regular events exploring the potential of language learning in VR and XR. With more than 20 years study, research, and teaching, Michael offers workshops and classes publicly and private in English-language learning, specializing in virtual reality, from his home-base in Italy. He is working on projects and collaborations with universities in Europe to research how immersive tasks can support the language learner or teacher. Autumn 2020 saw the launch of a year-long program in an Italian secondary school to support students and teachers build their English skills in VR and connect them, in real-time collaborative environments, to other schools globally in a virtual cultural-linguistic exchange program. His article “Lessons Learned from Over 100 VR English Lessons” continues to be popular, helping other educators learn the positives and pitfalls of teaching in VR.

Last year, he offered the first 24-hour VR English Lesson across multiple VR platforms to raise money for the Red Cross Italy Coronavirus response.

Michael McDonald NY TESOL SIGWe are also proud to announce that he will be one of the speakers at the April 17th New York TESOL TeLL SIG 2021 Language Learning conference online. Registration is still open.

Educators is expanding its workshops, classes, and training programs through the Educators in VR Institute. Sign up for announcements for more information.

Learning English in VR in home bathroom.

How to Attend Events in VR Guide.If you are new to VR events, we’ve a How to Attend Events in VR Guide for you to help you through the process. You may access these events with a VR headset or in 2D with a laptop or desktop computer with headphones.


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