Video Filming Training Introduction Workshop

Educators in VR Video Film Event Support Training Announcement Image.Our popular introduction to Video Filming in VR Event Support Training in AltspaceVR is back April 7, 2021, new and improved with updated information on filming in VR and livestreaming.

This is a free basic introduction to video filming for those wishing to record video for event support in AltspaceVR and beyond. A more intensive paid course will be available soon through the Educators in VR Institute. Sign up for announcements for more information.

Genius Ventures and HR Global Summit Conference.Educators in VR team produced the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit managing over 150 events across multiple platforms for over 6,000 attendees. Educators in VR presents over 600 workshops, conferences, events, meetups, and classes in VR annually. Many of these events offer opportunities for volunteer experience for filmers, and our commercial productions are paid gigs.

Virtuial World Society Presentation with Tom FurnessEducators in VR is producing the UniVirtual Experience May 1-30 across multiple metaverse platforms including AltspaceVR. This free, open-to-the-public month-long event is seeking volunteers to help support a wide range of events including filming.

Come learn how this all works and how to experience the joy of giving back through event filming and video.

How to Attend Events in VR Guide.If you are new to VR events, we’ve a How to Attend Events in VR Guide for you to help you through the process. You may access these events with a VR headset or in 2D with a laptop or desktop computer with headphones.

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