Welcome to the UniVirtual Experience 2021

Educators in VR and the Virtual World Society announce their first annual UniVirtual Experience in virtual reality, May 1-30, 2021.

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Held across more than 12 VR metaverse platforms, this free and open-to-the-public educational experience features over 200 events with education and XR industry leaders. Events include workshops, classes, virtual world tours, platform tours and introductions, training sessions, open discussions, socials, concerts, and exhibits on over 18 virtual platforms and multi-user apps including AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, Mozilla Hubs, Somnium Space, VirBELA, FrameVR, Sansar, and other social and event VR platforms.

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Last year’s Educators in VR International Summit attracted more than 6,000 event attendees over 6-days of 150 events across six VR platforms with over 170 speakers, creating the largest all-virtual reality educational event. Founded in 2018, Educators in VR has become one of the fastest growing membership communities with over 3,000 members passionate about integrating immersive XR technologies into education, training, business, and life. They produce and host over 600 VR educational events annually.

The UniVirtual Experience is designed to unite the universe with immersive and virtual experiences in a festival format, encouraging, inspiring, and engaging education in virtual reality.

The UniVirtual Experience this year expands to thirty days and is more inclusive, with more than 200 events featuring innovative leaders in immersive education such as Charlie Fink of Forbes, of HTC China, Tom Furness and Caitlin Krause of the Virtual World Society, Jeremy Bailenson of the Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Ben Erwin of Power Simple and The Polys WebXR Awards, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant and Lorelle VanFossen of Educators in VR, Thomas Logan of Equal Equity accessibility consultant, Jason Marsh of Flow Immersive, Jeremy Nickel of EvolVR, Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus language consultancy, Chris Madsen of ENGAGE VR, among others.

There will be presentations and conversations on all aspects of immersive education including privacy, hardware, cyberbullying, ethics, virtual world development and design, accessibility, remote learning, medical and healthcare, cultural heritage preservation, science, training, human resources, therapy, research, diversity, digital storytelling – the list is long and represented by global innovators and leaders.

HP Logo.The month-long event is sponsored by HP.com and their HP VR Ready Headsets and PCs immersive XR range of products, ENGAGE VR, ClassVR and Avantis Education, and Grove VR. We have multiple persistent exhibit and expo halls in AltspaceVR, ENGAGE VR, and Learnbrite to learn more about our sponsors, speakers,

Virtual World Society LogoEducators in VR joins the Virtual World Society as a partner exploring education in the school and home as a non-profit organization in the United States with a mission to lift humanity by unlocking intelligence and linking minds to address the pervasive problems in our world as pioneers in the development of immersive technologies. Founded by Tom Furness, Founder and Professor and International Director of the Human Interface Technology Laboratory at the University of Washington, University of Canterbury (New Zealand), and University of Tasmania (Australia), and considered the “grandfather of virtual reality,” the Virtual World Society guides technology development to inspire, educate, connect, and unify people across the world. Educators in VR’s mission is to integrate immersive technology into education, research, business, and beyond.

“It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since our Educational Summit and 2020 was a year like no other!” said Daniel Dyboski-Bryant, Co-Founder of Educators in VR. “For this year’s UniVirtual Experience I am so excited to be partnered with the Virtual World Society and to feel the pulse of how the field had developed and where it’s headed. The industry is taking shape right in front of our eyes and now more than ever education needs new solutions, so a vibrant and pioneering XR Education and Training community is critical for the road ahead. And of course, any chance to network and chat with some of my favorite people in VR is always a great bonus! Bring it on!”

Tom Furness of the Virtual World Society said:

“The Virtual World Society is honored and excited to be teaming with Educators in VR to bring the UniVirtual Experience to the World. The interest in UniVirtual has already exceeded our expectations. The lineup of participants and events will be unprecedented, instructive and fun. And it is all free. We can’t wait to see you there.”

“This past year, Educators in VR and Virtual World Society have proven repeatedly the viability for education, networking, and community building in virtual reality and virtual social spaces. As the world faces extended lockdowns and Zoom fatigue, more and more companies and schools are turning to VR for a truly collaborative and interactive first-person experience, and adding XR to their educational tools,” said Lorelle VanFossen, Co-Founder of Educators in VR. “The UniVirtual Experience is an opportunity for people to explore the diverse and exciting spectrum of collaborative learning in virtual and mixed realities and meet the pioneers breaking boundaries.”

The UniVirtual Experience is free and open to all. Events are grouped by Main Events, Workshops and Classes, and Special Events. There is also a master schedule of events set by time zones.

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