UniVirtual Galaxy Sponsor: Avantis Education

Avantis Logo.Educators in VR is pleased to announce one of our Galaxy Sponsors for the UniVirtual Experience to you, Avantis Education.

Avantis Education are the creators of ClassVR and Avanti’s World, platforms that support virtual reality in education in innovative ways that cross borders, allowing teachers to explore everywhere.

Avantis Education’s ClassVR and Avanti’s World are used by millions of students and their VR solutions are deployed in more than 60 countries to add value to every lesson.

Avantis Education launched the Avanti’s World Teacher Grant worth $1500 designed to help schools across the world implement VR technology in the classroom. The grant covers 100% of the funding needed for schools to use Avanti’s World for up to three years. Applications are being accepted.


ClassVR logo.ClassVR is an all-in-one virtual reality solution that provides everything you need to implement virtual reality into your K-12 school. ClassVR provides headsets, curriculum-aligned educational resources, teacher controls and charging stations to help you create immersive and engaging lessons for your students – all at an affordable cost for schools.

St Johns Virtual East Ren  MFGThe ClassVR headset is a classroom-ready device with no additional connections or hardware required. It is free of the HMD ecosystems that worry many schools, teachers, and parents for privacy and safety. All ClassVR headsets come in a rugged storage and charging case to ensure your devices are always ready when you are in the classroom. Everything is fully integrated into the device – virtual reality education has never been easier.

The wide range of curriculm with virtual, augmented, and mixed reality content is designed to complement a wide variety of educational topics and needs. Avatis ClassVR Curriculum for space.Created by teachers, for teachers, ClassVR provides 1000’s of virtual, augmented and mixed reality educational resources to add value to your lessons, no matter what the subject. From 360-degree images & videos and explorable scenes and augmented reality 3D models, teachers can quickly and easily build playlists for lessons or even create and upload their own content, giving you maximum flexibility in teaching.

Avantis ClassVR - Classroom and Teacher Controls.Students may explore content independently or in a teacher-controlled environment, allowing a wide range of educational experiences. The ClassVR Portal allow teachers to easily control and monitor the ClassVR headsets with simple one-click functionality to push content, direct attention, and monitor student attention to maximize learning time.

ClassVR also integrates with ThingLink and CoSpaces for more customizable options for educational experiences.

Avantis ClassVR - Premium headset with hand controller.A review by Tech & Learning declared ClassVR as the best overall purpose-built school VR system for classroom immersive learning.

The ClassVR system, by Avantis, is a purpose-built VR headset and software package designed for schools. As such, these headsets are solidly built with a plastic shell and wide headband. Each system comes with a pack of eight plus all the kit necessary to get up and training. Crucially, ClassVR also offers a lot of assistance with setting up the install and managing the system, if that’s what the school chooses.

The system offers plenty of educational content that is actually curriculum aligned. Since it’s all run from a centralized management system, it leaves the teacher in total control and also means you don’t need more than one main computer to have it up and running.

Since this ensures all the students see the same content at the same time, it can facilitate a group learning experience, just as with a real class trip, for example.

The World’s First Educational Virtual Reality Theme Park

Avantis Education recently announced their new Avanti’s World for educational experiences through a thrilling theme park experience. From within the virtual theme park, students can explore a world of curriculum-aligned learning scenes independently, in a teacher-controlled environment, or even collaboratively in guided group mode.

Avantis Class VR - Avantis World.

Whether it’s taking a walk with the dinosaurs, traveling to the Earth’s core, or exploring Mars, Avanti’s World incorporates three exciting Lands for students to visit.

Alongside the exciting explorable content, Avanti’s World also comes with supporting educational resources to guide exploration, provide additional information and test student knowledge at the end of the lesson. All student progress and assessment scores are pulled into a simple-to-use teacher dashboard to help maximize learning time and ensure you’re getting the most out of every lesson.

A Free Virtual Space for Students to Interact

Avantis Education also introduced VRroom, a social engagement tool that allows teachers to create virtual spaces for students to learn and socialise – all for free.

Avantis ClassVR VR Room.

Designed to combat student isolation and improve student wellbeing, VRroom enables students to talk, interact and connect, all in a safe, teacher-controlled virtual space, from any device with a web browser including Windows, Mac and Linux browsers, mobile browsers for Android and Safari on iOS, as well as VR headsets including Oculus devices, Windows Mixed Reality, and HTC Vive. It also works with stand alone VR devices with Steam and Pico Neo 2.

There’s several exciting scenes to visit, from a virtual playground or a sun-soaked beach, to a fun and exciting pirate ship or space station, VRroom uses VOIP technology and fun, character-based avatars called VRroomies to help students feel physically present with their classmates unlike video conferencing tools.

Avantis Education is ready to talk to you about your K12 school or classroom and how to incorporate their innovative educational experiences into your curriculum and beyond.

We are thrilled to have Avantis Educationn as a Galaxy Sponsor for the UniVirtual Experience. Please visit the Avantis Education booth in UniVirtual Exhibition Hall during it’s open hours in AltspaceVR.

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