Photogrammetry Workshop Starts Tomorrow

Mark Jeffcock UniVirtual Experience.Tomorrow is the start of a series of workshops all week in AltspaceVR with Mark Jeffcock on learning how to create and add photogrammetry to AltspaceVR or wherever you play in VR.

The one-week workshop features a showcase at the end where attendees all feature one 3d model with photogrammetry.

Photogrammetry is the art of using merging photographs of a place or object together to recreate them as 3D models. He teaches how to do this with free or inexpensive tools for low poly models easily added to your AltspaceVR or other virtual worlds or experiences.

He will have a special Discord to share with participants with all the information you need to know during the workshop and to communicate between classes.

Mark Jeffcock is a tutor for the VR training company TryUniverse that teaches the gaming language Unity and how to use it to build worlds and VR Apps.

He has built many Altspace VR worlds including a set documenting the history of his home town, Colchester; and is currently re-creating a large Roman villa from Sicily. He has a particular interest in photo-realistic techniques such as photogrammetry, 360 degree photospheres and 3D VR 180 photos.

He also helped us compile a list of photogrammetry examples and resources for educators and students.

To attend the UniVirtual Experience, join us tomorrow in AltspaceVR for the first of the Photogrammetry week-long series of classes with Mark Jeffcock.

For more information on the UniVirtual Experience, check out the UniVirtual Experience schedule for events in your time zone (or close by), and our Guide on How to Attend Events in VR.

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