AltspaceVR and the Metaverse with AltspaceVR Engineer Jimmy Zhang

There is much noise about the future of technology and the Metaverse. Educators in VR has invited Jimmy Zhang (JimmyZ), AltspaceVR engineer and developer, to discuss how AltspaceVR works behind the scenes and its place within the metaverse with a two-part series exploring the concept of the metaverse, as it is today and where it is going in the future.

JimmyZ avatar in AltspaceVR next to photosphere.

Educators and trainers need to prepare ourselves and our students for the future of the virtual social environment, commonly called the Metaverse. As pioneers, we are setting the standards and infrastructure for that future. Students will need to not only learn Unity, Unreal Engine, and other content creation, virtual world building, UX, and game programming platforms and languages, they need to learn how to manage the architecture upon which the metaverse exists, and how to develop it even further.

JimmyZ is a metaverse engineer working with AltspaceVR since 2015. He manages not only the development and infrastructure of AltspaceVR but also world building, supporting the AltspaceVR community of creatives and creators using Unity and programming to push the boundaries of social VR and education. He has a BS from Yale’s Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and MS from Stanford in Electrical Engineering. You can catch up with his tutorials and editorials on his YouTube channel and his blog on Medium, as well as his weekly Building the Metaverse events in AltspaceVR.

Join us in AltspaceVR on Tuesdays, October 12 (Event Code UOI002) and 19th (Event Code BQU324) for this special two-part series on the inner workings of AltspaceVR and the metaverse.

To help you catch up with the online articles and discussions on the future of the metaverse, here are some resources.

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