VR Awards AMA with NORCAT, VR Education & Training Award Winner

Educators in VR’s Director, Daniel Dyboski-Bryant will be hosting the VR Awards AMA Series: VR Education & Training of the Year in AltspaceVR on Thursday, February 17, 2022, with the winner of the VR Education and Training of the Year, NORCAT for their development of the Ontario Mine Rescue VR emergency simulations for Vale Mining.

The partnership between NORCAT and Vale for Virtual Reality Mine Rescue Training technology isn’t their first endeavor into VR simulations for miners. In 2015, they partnered with Dynamic Earth to create an interactive mine rescue training simulation for mining and engineering students.

The event in AltspaceVR is your opportunity to ask questions of the developers and learn more about this innovative educational solution to training and education for one of the most dangerous jobs.

The VR Awards were held in AlspaceVR November 18. The VR Awards AMA series of events in AltspaceVR has been an ongoing series since 2018.


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