vLanguage Learning: Engaging Learners Through Co-Creation and Reflection

The Educators in VR vLanguage Learning Team is hosting a special event Friday, February 25, 2022, in ENGAGE XR on Engaging Learners Through Co-Creation and Reflection. The password for the event is edvr. The event is free and open to the public.

Demonstration of Language Learning in AltspaceVR.

Join the virtual language team leaders, Amany AlKayat and Ekaterina Semeniuk, as they explore the importance of student engagement and interactivity in the immersive virtual environment and what affordances can be effective in an authentic, interactive, and collaborative environment. How can reflection help students become better learners? How does the immersive environment impact language learning and all learning?

The vLanguage Learning Team is one of the oldest Team Projects, the special interest groups of Educators in VR. They host regular meetups, workshops, and classes to explore the potential of immersive education for language learning and teaching language educators how to include VR/AR/XR in language learning classes.

For information on how to attend an event in VR, see our guide.

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