EDVR UniVirtual Experience 2022

This year, Educators in VR is hosting the UniVirtual Experience 2022 and changing it up again. This year, our Educators in VR Team Projects are stepping forward to host events once a month to explore their industry specialty in greater depth.

2020 Educators in VR International Summit - Closing Ceremonies Social - by globeIn 2020, the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit broke records for all-virtual conference over 6-days with over 170 speakers in 150 events on five social VR platforms. We learned many lessons in the process and an engineer analyzed the carbon emissions reduction to call it a Green Conference example, which helped others make the decision to take their real-world conferences online, especially when the pandemic became realized with lockdowns the week of the conference.

Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience 2022 in ENGAGE XR.

Last year, we teamed up with the Virtual World Society for the next iteration, the UniVirtual Experience 2021 that celebrated the potential of immersive learning through a united, universal, and university experience. Over the 30 days of May, we hosted about 150 events across 20 virtual platforms, not a Zoom in sight (okay, one event required Zoom for voice as the VR app in development didn’t support voice). With sponsorship from HP, Avantis Education, ENGAGE XR, and others, we were able to expand the conference in new and exciting ways, including working with HP to give away eight free HP Reverb G2 VR headsets, and offer two free week-long workshops in photogrammetry and virtual world building.

Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience 2022 in AltspaceVR Closing Ceremony.

The premise of the Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience is based on the social game asking “If you could invite 2 to 6 people to dinner, who would you invite?” We’re again asking our Educators in VR Teams to focus on industry topics and challenges with interactive discussions. In addition, we will be hosting special workshops and classes during each month’s conference. Each conference will also feature social networking events and tours of worlds and stimulation experiences appropriate to the topics.

Our Teams will host their events on their own or in collaboration with other similar teams such as the upcoming XR Medical and Healthcare Team collaborating with our VR Coaching and Personal Development Team to explore medicine, healthcare, therapy, mental health, wellness, and more related topics.

We’ll be announcing the schedule soon. The events are free and open to the public and hosted on AltspaceVR, ENGAGE XR and other social, meeting, and educational VR platforms.

Great ready for a year of great discussions exploring the past, present, future, and potential of XR immersive education with our experienced team members and specials guests.


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