UniVirtual Experience 2022: XR Medical Healthcare & VR Coaching March 4-5

Our first EDVR UniVirtual Experience 2022 is next week with the combination of two of our Educators in VR Team Projects, the XR Medical Healthcare Team and VR Coaching & Personal Development Team. The UniVirtual Experience event is March 4-5, 2022, in AltspaceVR and ENGAGE XR.

UniVirtual Experience 2022 ASVR Event Tile XR Med Health VR Coaching Team (Small)

The two-day event explores a variety of healthcare, medicine, therapy, and coaching techniques and applications focused on prevention and wellness as well as business. All events are free and open to the public.

Conference Schedule

Please click each event link for the time in your time zone.

  • Educators in VR XR Medical Healthcare Team Session in AltspaceVR.Friday, March 4
    • UniVirtual Social in AltspaceVR: Join the Medical Healthcare and VR Coaching Teams along with others in the industry professionals, educators, developers, and passionate users to socialize and network.
    • UniVirtual Music Meditation: Shamanic Journey in AltspaceVR: Discuss and experience a Shamanic Drum Ceremony and Meditation with host Dana-Maria Faneker, CaptainVR and leader of the EDVR VR Coaching Team, and Viola, the Shaman White Buffalo Woman, for a discussion and demonstration of the use of social VR for meditation and spiritual therapy. Guest speaker Viola, a Shaman for over 20 years, organizes sacred and healing journeys and experiences around the world including the Druid Summer Solstice at Stonehenge. Her discussions and drumming ceremony sessions in AltspaceVR are exceptionally popular, so arrive on time.
  • Educators in VR VR Coaching and Professional Development Team event in AltspaceVR.Saturday, March 5th
    • UniVirtual Medical VR Apps Impacting Business in ENGAGE: [Event Password: edvr] XR/VR applications are impacting the business of healthcare through the use of immersive technology in patient and data management. This in depth discussion explores the current and future technology and how XR is changing the business of medicine and healthcare with Jim Intriglia, Business Systems Analyst and Consultant, and Jessica Spencer, Director of Marketing for ROI Healthcare Solutions, a Healthcare IT consulting company, and a supporting team member of the EDVR XR Medical and Healthcare Team Project.
    • Educators in VR XR Medical Healthcare Team Session in AltspaceVR with a brain showing neural energy.UniVirtual Medical Simulation World Tour in AltspaceVR: Explore the potential for medical simulations for patient care, emergency response, and medical treatments in this interactive workshop with Dr. Jose Ferrer, ER doctor, and Rob Theriault, Immersive Technology Manager and former professor of paramedicine at Georgian College in Canada.
    • UniVirtual XR Leadership Building in AltspaceVR: Dana-Maria Faneker, CaptainVR, sailed on big traditional sailing ships as a crew member and later as a captain, and now she empowers people to become the captains of their lives. She will be discussing usages and tools of XR immersive technology for leadership building and development under intense high pressure.
    • UniVirtual Music for Wellbeing in VR in AltspaceVR: Join JoAnn and Gary Chambers, Stephen Pitcher and Guillaume Auvray, all leaders in VR wellness and mindfulness, to discussion techniques and technology using music and sound in VR for the purpose of enhancing your wellbeing. Practicing mindfulness, diving deeper into meditation states, sound healing and shamanic explorations and related topics are open for discussion.

The premise of the Educators in VR UniVirtual Experience is based on the social game asking “If you could invite 2 to 6 people to dinner, who would you invite?” Our Educators in VR Teams will present a one-to-two day conference to focus on industry topics and challenges with interactive discussions with panels and the audience. There may also be special workshops and classes during each month’s conference. Each conference will also feature social networking events and tours of worlds and simulation experiences appropriate to the topics.

If you would like to get more involved, join our Educators in VR Discord to introduce yourself, and if you wish to volunteer and become an EDVR Team member, consider volunteering.

For information on how to attend our events, check out our How to Attend a VR Event Guide.

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