First Ever VR Theatre Fair in AltspaceVR

Today, March 2, 2022, is the First Ever VR Theatre Fair in AltspaceVR presented by the Educators in VR Theatre Team exploring XR performance and production.

EDVR Theatre Team 2021 AltspaceVR Event Tile.

The Theatre Team is bringing in experts, performers, producers, script and play writers, world builders and designers, and others to offer career and skill-building advice to those eager to enter into the theatre and production industry in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality, wherever the immersive technology takes them.

Educators in VR Theatre Team meetup in AltspaceVR.In the past few months, the new Theatre Team brought us amazing discussions and presentations on the ground-breaking and boundary-pushing technology in use across many different social VR platforms. We’ve discussed how to act through the fixed limitations of avatars, how building for stage productions comes with the ability to realize scenes beyond imagination and how they cope with the challenges of current technology, and how XR, especially virtual reality, has kept artistic spirits alive and thriving during the extended lockdown.

The Educators in VR Theatre Team Project explores theatrical performance, design, and production in VR/XR through a series of workshops, seminars, and experiential development for educators, students, researchers, and those using performance techniques in education and therapy.

For information on how to attend an Educators in VR event in AltspaceVR or elsewhere, see our How to Attend a VR Event Guide.

Immersive performance and productions are now more commonplace than ever before. Recently shared articles, productions, resources, and research in our Educators in VR Discord channel for the Theatre Team highlight the diverse careers and job opportunities:

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