Theatre Virtual World Tour Begins May 4, 2022

The Educators in VR Theatre Team will be exploring the potential for theatre and performance in a series of special events beginning Wednesday, May 4, at 3 PM PST / 5PM CST / 6PM EST / 23:00 UK / midnight CEST / 10AM Thursday Melbourne in Frame VR.

Space is limited to 15 attendees and 15 spectators, so arrive early to ensure a spot in the event.

Theatre Team Steve G Poetry example in Frame VR.The Theatre Virtual Worlds Tour will expand your understanding of what’s possible in the virtual and gain new inspiration for your own projects. Go beyond common presentation paths of PowerPoint, tours of spaces, and simulations with this Virtual World Tour series led by experts in the performing and theatre arts from the Theatre Team.

This week, award-winning VR artist and academic author, Dr. Steve Guynup of the Game Design Faculty at Southern New Hampshire University, New York, shares an immersive presentation blending virtual art, poetry, and educational practice.

This presentation uses Frame VR, a uniquely powerful yet simple platform. Due to current microphone and audio issues, VR headsets should not be used. Please use the a WebXR compatible browser like Firefox or Chrome on a Mac or PC to access through URL:

This poetry storefront space holds a link to the presentation space, that is accessible on presentation day. You can go to the poetry storefront at any time to explore the basics of movement and customize your avatar.

FrameVR is a WebGL technology, like Mozilla Hubs. No installation or account set-up is required. Attendees may interact with other attendees. Spectators are essentially completely invisible guests who can hear and see, but not talk or interact.

Frame VR is easy to use with similar mouse, arrow, and ASDW keys as found in most VR and gaming platforms. For more information on how to use Frame VR, see Frame Guides and Resources. For more information, see our How to Attend an Educators in VR Event guides.

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