1. Thanks for the details, Lorelle. I am sad to see this. I have no Microsoft account and have no intent of being forced to get one, so have to bid a sad sad farewell to AltSpaceVR and the friends I have made there, including you! This is so sad!!

    • Sorry about your decision. As frustrating as this is, we are closer than ever to integrating Microsoft Mesh and mixed reality into AltspaceVR, and that requires the Microsoft login as it will likely allow a fairly seamless transition from Microsoft Teams to AltspaceVR. This should also help with the expansion of AltspaceVR back into mobile devices like iOS and Android.

      All the other gaming and interactive platforms have similar account requirements. Facebook has backed off from requiring a Facebook account for Oculus, but they are creating separate logins for Horizon and Oculus and Facebook, complicating this dream of moving seamlessly between apps in the metaverse.

      At some point, if that dream is to ever be realized, we will need some form of OpenID or single web-based login as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and others have tried to ensure that easy transition. This is just one of many painful steps in the evolution.

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