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Educators in VR UVE 2022 Altspace SINNERSEducators in VR’s UniVirtual Experience 2022 Conferences continue to be focused on our 25+ EDVR Team Projects, the special interest groups that explore the diversity of XR verticals in immersive education. Our next conference is Friday, June 24, 2022, and features one of our specialty teams.

The EDVR SINNERS TEAM is a think tank group that meets quarterly to bring together thought leaders and pioneers in XR immersive education and technology to discuss the potential of the metaverse and how we as educators and Educators in VR can prepare and help migrate education into the metaverse. EDVR SINNERS is an acronym for the Educators in VR Society of Intellectual Novices, passionate amateurs in the true definition of the word who are embracing the future with a clear eye on the past.

The events June 24 in AltspaceVR are free and open to the public. They are interactive discussions exploring the topics and challenges facing all of us in the evolving metaverse.

Please check the link of each event for the time in your time zone.

WTF is the Metaverse: With all the talk about the metaverse, most know what it is, but there still exists many assumptions and myths. We’ll discuss the realities of the universe in the past, today, and in the future as it represents a major disruption in education.

Educators in VR meetup and discussion in AltspaceVR.Key to Quality Therapy Apps: VR is changing the medical and healthcare industry in so many directions and ways, expect a VR headset in your next doctor visit. Seriously. Dr. Payal Ghatnekar is a healthcare researcher in the UK exploring the implementation of XR-based healthcare interventions for teaching empathy, critical communication, collaboration, and anxiety and pain distraction therapies. Payal will be discussing where VR is going in therapy and across the medical and healthcare industry.

Intimacy & Relationships in VR: Social VR platforms are about the social, but what does that mean and how does it work? The immersive sense of presence and embodiment goes beyond the social to create strong relationships that cross borders and boundaries as never experienced before. Join us for a fascinating discussion on the intimacy and relationships found in social VR.

Educators in VR discussion and meetup in AltspaceVR among flowered pasture environment.Are We Playing a Game in VR? Social VR platforms like AltspaceVR are often called games. Are they games? Gamification is used in teaching in VR, but are we playing a game in the true definition? We’ll discuss the idea of social VR as a game, gaming platform, and if that definition truly represents these apps. This is a discussion so important to all of us, so don’t miss it.

Building a Community in VR: In social VR, the term “community” is a critical part of our worlds, events, and tribes formed in platforms like AltspaceVR. How do communities form in VR? How do we find them? How do we start them? And how do we support them and help them grow and evolve? And what happens when a community ends? The study of social and interpersonal relationships in VR is an evolving science, especially in light of the pandemic.

The EDVR SINNERS group is open to all as is the conference. It’s an opportunity to test theories, explore ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and prepare for the future in the metaverse.

For information on attending these events in VR through a VR headset or 2D desktop or laptop, see our How to Attend Events in VR Guide.

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