EDVR Theatre Team in VRChat with Nexus

Join the Educators in VR Theatre Team July 9 in VRChat for a special workshop and sample performance with the creators and actors of “Nexus,” interactive, immersive, and episodic live performance in VR slated to begin this summer. It’s the next generation of theatrical entertainment in the metaverse and beyond, produced by the popular Ferryman Collective production company.

EDVR Theatre Team 2022 VR Chat Poster Nexus.

The Nexus workshop in VRChat is Saturday, July 9, 2022, at 11 AM PT / 2PM ET / 19:00 UK. To attend, sign up for a VRChat account online or through your VR headset and following the instructions on how to friend someone. Friend “Mycana” before the event begins. Just before the event begins, log into VRChat and request an invite from Mycana.

“Nexus” is an immersive and episodic performance based in a nightclub on a spaceship adrift in the universe. The choose-your-own-adventure style show allows audience members to decide which characters to interact with, help create story lines through conversations during the shows and on the Nexus Discord channel. Attendees are part of the show and have the freedom to create and participate as a character of their own making.

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