Introducing Educators in VR Chinese Multicultural Team

Educators in VR Chinese Team Meetup poster in AltspaceVR

Last year, Educators in VR developed our first multicultural team, a special interest group exploring XR immersive education in their native language. The first group, Educadores en Español, has been an outstanding success with monthly meetups featuring guest speakers from Mexico, Latin America, Spain, and others, sharing their expertise, techniques, and experiences as educators from leading college and universities, VR and AR developers supporting a wide variety of industries, and more. It’s been an exciting trial year, culminating in their first conference, UniVirtual Experience Educadores en Español Septiembre 14-15, 2022.

The second multicultural team is launching September 17 in AltspaceVR, our EDVR Chinese Team, bringing together Mandarin/English speaking educators and experts in XR immersive technology.

This is first social event invites educators from Asia countries to an open discussion about VR education in Asia and wishing to connect with rest of the world and exchange exciting education development. This events is for Mandarin/English speaking educators, students and researchers gathering to discuss how XR immersive technology is developing in Asia.

We will open series of feature lectures in October, welcome to knowing the speakers from Asia in our first social event together in September!

EDVR第一次邀請來自亞洲的VR教育工作者與世界其他VR教育工作者做交流,交換不同國家的VR教育經驗。 本活動適合講中文/英文的教育工作者、學生和研究人員聚集在一起討論 XR目前如何在亞洲發展。 我們將於10月開啟ㄧ系列的專題講座,歡迎在9月的EDVR社交活動中第一手了解來自亞洲的VR教育家!

EDVR中文團隊是一個由多元文化團組成的教育團體,會議會以中文/英文討論因而與國際接軌,我們希望將亞洲所有的教育工作者連接到世界各地,並公開討論 XR 技術及其對教育的影響。 我們相信 XR 將顛覆傳統的教育方式,讓學生以全新的方式探索世界。請 加入我們成為團隊的一員,為未來的教育盡一份心力!

EDVR致力於將 VR、AR 和 XR 集大成到教育和商業中。我們每年舉辦超過 800 場免費和付費活動、課程、研討會,涵蓋教育的各個方面。EDVR成立於 2018 年,我們聚集了全世界對VR教育有興趣的教育家齊心解決共同挑戰,現已有來自世界各地超過 4,000 多名成員,以及十幾個團隊項目。

EDVR希望建立國際多元文化團隊,我們有英語、中文、印度、法語、德語、西語和其他語言的團隊。 如果您想參與開發其他語言團隊和領導新項目,請聯繫我們。

Educators in VR is exploring additional multicultural teams such as India, French, German, and other languages. Please contact us if you would like to support and lead a team in your language.

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