Halloween Fright Night 2022

EDVR Halloween Fright Night 2021 - ASVR Tile (Small)It’s that time of year when the ghosts and goblins invade virtual realty on the social VR platform, AltspaceVR. This is Educators in VR’s 5th Annual Halloween Fright Night, an AltspaceVR community-wide event that brings together masterful and creative world builders with volunteer scarers to haunt your 2022 Halloween. All events are free and open to the public.

Halloween karen666 pumpkin head 2020 (Small)To volunteer to help scare visitors through our Halloween Fright Night adventures, sign up on our Educators in VR Volunteer Form. If you are currently a volunteer, you will receive an email shortly with details.

To volunteer your scary world for the Halloween Fright Night, register your world using our Halloween World Submission Form with all the details. The form includes the world criteria for the event.

We are also teaming up with other AltspaceVR groups including Mark’s News & Updates, the Creative Writing Meetup, and Psychowench Productions.

The Creative Writing Meetup group of writers is hosting their third annual Halloween Fright Night storytelling featuring original scary stories by their members and the public.

Psychowench Productions is a theater production company hosting a series of Halloween scare experiences with live performers that will overlap with our Educators in VR events. Note that the Psychowench Production events are for mature audiences only. They are currently hosting auditions for performers, so check out the schedule on AltspaceVR.

Halloween Daisy Shaw Haunted Cemetery on fire (Small)October 5, we have a special World Builders Halloween Behind the Scenes in AltspaceVR to help prepare world builders and volunteer scarers by pulling aside the curtain on some legendary scary worlds to see how the magic is done and inspire those eager to build their worlds before the October 15 deadline.

The Educators in VR World Builders Team is also hosting a tour of Halloween and scary worlds on October 19 that likely won’t be included in our Halloween Fright Night events, just to warm you up.

Volunteer Training

The Laboratory by Calen in AltspaceVR.We are looking for volunteers eager to scare visitors through the amazing scary worlds the AltspaceVR world building community has created. Join us for two training sessions in AltspaceVR to go over the details and join our Volunteer Team to become a Halloween Fright Night scarer.

We are also looking for support team members to help us manage the 50-100 volunteers and team members. Familiarity with AltspaceVR and Discord highly recommended.

North, Central America, & Australia Time Zones – Halloween Fright Night Events in AltspaceVR

UK & European Time Zones – Halloween Fright Night Events in AltspaceVR

For information on attending these events in VR through a VR headset or 2D desktop or laptop, see our How to Attend Events in VR Guide.

To keep up with the Educators in VR Theatre Team events and all Educators in VR events in AltspaceVR, subscribe to the Educators in VR Channel and to our Educators in VR Google Calendar of events, workshops, classes, and conferences.



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