Better Than Unicorns: Healing Companies in VR

Educators in VR is excited to present a free workshop with Better Than Unicorns tomorrow, Tuesday, in ENGAGE XR exploring VR interactivity and how VR may make us better humans by maximizing conversations and meeting techniques with a company dedicated to providing training and consulting for companies exploring the metaverse for integration into the workplace.

In a recent article, Brett McCall of Better Than Unicorns wrote about healing companies through VR, an interesting perspective on the challenges employees and companies face today with the uncertainty over job futures, AI, Zoom fatigue, and the shifting economy. He proposes that VR can transform change culture. He explains that as facilitators, they understand how to foster:

…a secure and inclusive environment [to] empower individuals to openly share, venture into uncharted territories, and forge meaningful connections, unlocking the true transformative potential of VR.

The free one-hour introduction to their facilitation techniques in VR will help expand your mind as to the potential of the metaverse to stretch the mind and encourage creativity.

Joining us will be Diana McCall and Brett McCall, leaders in enterprise metaverse training. Diana McCall is co-founder of Better Than Unicorns (BTU), specializing in facilitates intentional spaces to help companies increase resilience and transform their relationship to failure, while deepening their sense of belonging and readiness for the metaverse. She has decades of experience utilizing play and reflective conversations to create embodied experiences that strengthen empathy and connection. A certified facilitator with the Institute of Cultural Affairs, she expertly asks the right questions at the right time, holds space for all voices to be heard, and utilizes multiple strategies to maximize learning for all.

Brett McCall navigates the world in ways that other people might call strange, nonconformist, or even risky. His “chaotic magical awareness” and natural aptitude for wonder and play benefit both individuals and organizations. With extensive experience using play and reflective conversations to create experiences (in and out of VR) that strengthen empathy and connection, Brett brings a unique grasp on the technology, its potential/limitations, and how to effectively implement it in real world scenarios.

Better Than Unicorns provides VR Consulting and Team Building for companies looking to integrate VR into the workplace–whether at the “just curious” Initiate level where offer games and education, the “ready for more” Collaborate level where we build custom experiences for team building and VR immersion, to the “all in” Integrate level where clients are using VR on a weekly basis as part of work culture.

Join us tomorrow in ENGAGE XR for Better Than Unicorns – VR Interactivity with Educators in VR.

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