Educators in VR Welcome to 2023-2024

Traveling to space to explore a nebula in ENGAGE XR with Educators in VR.Welcome to our 5th year of Educators in VR! We are thrilled to invite you to join us in ENGAGE September 12, 2023, for a celebration to kick off our new year.

This spring, we moved to ENGAGE XR and expanded onto other platforms,. We’ve been assessing our past and continuing to reinvent our future as a membership organization dedicated to providing the tools and techniques you need to integrate immersive education into schools and businesses.

Since 2018, we’ve hosted over 6,000 VR educational events and workshops to more than 70,000 participants. Educators in VR produces over 800 VR educational events annually covering a diverse range of topics, with many hosted by our 25 special interest teams covering the major XR industry verticals from aerospace to language learning to research. We’re proud that our organization has grown to over 4,000 members. We are glad to have you on board with us as we continue to stretch the boundaries of XR education.

We’ve set the standard for training educators teaching in the metaverse with specialize workshops and trainings covering presentation tips and techniques, public speaking, event moderation, world building, selecting VR headsets and building labs, and dealing with the serious concerns of privacy, security, and safety in the metaverse. We continue to expand our immersive education consulting and advisory work globally.

It’s been an exciting five years! In the past two years, hundreds of high schools, colleges, and universities are now offering virtual reality and metaverse classes and degree programs. This summer, EDVR supported a GenCyber Camp for K-12 teachers at University of Maryland working with their pioneering teachers and team. We continue to partner and support the Virtual World Society and Girls STEAM Institute, pioneers in emerging technology for students and adults. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Oregon (UO), University of Washington (UW), Mount Royal University Calgary (MRU), University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California San Diego (UCSD), University of British Columbia (UBC), University of Alberta (UA), University of Waterloo (UW), University of Toronto (UT), and many more have made XR a priority, preparing students for careers in the future.

Workshop with GenCyber and Educators in VR in ENGAGE XR exploring immersive assets or IFX.The mission of Educators in VR has not wavered from the first days when we found teachers were early adopters exploring the metaverse feeling alone and isolated. EDVR continues to bring educators and trainers together to learn and grow from each other, expanding our horizons and promoting immersive education as an option in the teaching toolbox.

Cyberbullying Month 2023

October is our 5th Annual Cyberbullying Month with over a dozen workshops exploring safety online and in the metaverse. We are hosting an introductory event in ENGAGE XR September 26, 2023, to the first of our UniVirtual Experience month-long themes.

We are working with our partners and 25 different special interest groups to bring educators, students, parents, and businesses the tools and techniques they need for navigating the complexities of the metaverse.  With the announcement of Meta and Roblox lowering their age limits to 10 years old, and the use of AI for empowering online bullying techniques, we have much to discuss.

2023-2024 Educators in VR Schedule

EDVR World Building Meetup in ENGAGE XR.Educators in VR is once again innovating our UniVirtual Experience conference process to support monthly themes. Each month, our regular and team events will include events focused on the month’s theme for in depth exploration from various industry perspectives.

Starting with October’s Cyberbullying Month, these are the monthly UniVirtual Experience themes.

November-December – Celebrating Holiday Traditions in the Metaverse: Educators in VR continues our tradition since 2018 to honor international traditions through storytelling and cultural traditions. We are working on educational and social events including North American Thanksgiving, Dia de Las Muertos, La Posada, Kwanza, and other international and cultural holiday experiences.

Photogrammetry workshop with Mark Jeffcock in ENGAGE XR with Educators in VR, with a car crash.January 2024 – Power of XR for Education: We are showcasing apps, software, hardware, and immersive education degrees and training to demonstrate how XR is changing education around the world. We are contacting the leading companies and developers to demonstrate their devices, technology, and applications to improve our immersive education experiences and learn how they are changing the future of the workplace.

Educators in VR and GenCyber Teams in ENGAGE XR workshop. February 2024 – Diversity: Join us in honoring the diversity of the metaverse with topics on DEI (Diversity, Inclusion, Equity) with a wide variety of discussions and workshops exploring the use of XR for business human resources training, therapy, research, and more.

March 2024 – AI & XR: By spring next year, AI will have found its way into most of our schools, training, and definitely our work and personal lives, including on VR platforms and the metaverse. We will be looking at the pros and cons, and definitely the research, on how education is impacted by AI and XR.

Exploring Mark Jeffock's Techscape in Spatial with the EDVR Virtual Hardware Team.April 2024 – Virtual Hardware: We love our gadgets and devices that open the gates of the metaverse. We are dedicating a month to exploring the various VR headsets, AR glasses, Lidar and 3D cameras and imaging, tools, accessories, and more. We’ll discuss how to make hardware decisions, how to set up VR labs and classrooms, hardware management and inventory, and learning about the specialized equipment being used with VR for training, medicine, healthcare, therapy, manufacturing, prototyping, and more.

Session on artwork and galleries in ENGAGE XR with Educators in VR.May 2024 – Art in XR: Join our EDVR Theatre Team and other creatives to explore the artistry and creative expression thriving in the metaverse. We’ll cover the apps and hardware to create the art, travel to galleries across the metaverse and talk to artists and developers, and study the theatre and performing arts crafts that bring entertainment to life in VR and beyond.

June 2024 – STEAM in XR: Join the Girls STEAM Institute, Educators in VR, and other organizations as we explore the science, technology, engineering, arts, and math of XR. Immersive education is taking STEAM educational aspects down new avenues of learning and discovery. Students and teachers will be presenting their school projects and research on XR, and demonstrating techniques for pushing the boundaries of learning in the metaverse.

Our EDVR Teams will be hosting events throughout each month, and throughout the year, Lorelle will be hosting open discussions on Tuesdays in ENGAGE XR at 1PM PT / 4PM ET / 9PM UK / 11PM Athens / 5AM Hong Kong / 8AM* Melbourne.

Speakers Wanted

We are looking for experts and experienced educators and businesses to present this year on these topics. If you are interested, please contact us or use our speaker form.

Please join us to meet with other educators, researchers, students, and thought leaders in the XR education industry to share your expertise and experiences.

Most presentations consist of about 30 minutes within an hour session, allowing plenty of time for Q&A. Our sessions are highly interactive and fun, typically attended by 25-60 people. We will be recording and possibly streaming the event live to Discord and other venues.

EDVR Consulting Services

Educators in VR has served academic institutions, businesses, associations, and individuals with immersive education consulting services and training. We work with professionals around the world to provide the help schools and companies need for their budget, deployment, training, and app decisions. Our unique focus on VR-centric educational experiences gets participants into VR faster in a fun and informative way.

Most of our experts gain the experience they need working with our 25+ teams exploring the XR industry verticals. If you are interested in joining our professional services team, please contact us or attend one or more of our various team events to learn more.

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