Announcing EDVR Instructional Design Team

Educators in VR Instructional Design Team meetup logo.Educators in VR is proud to announce our first EDVR Instructional Design Team meetup October 10, 2023, in ENGAGE XR. The requests for this special interest group have been coming to us for several years, and now is the time that Instructional Design experts need to come together to share their insights, experiences, and expertise.

When a class, degree, or certification program is developed, academic instructional designers bring their expertise and experience to identify:

  • Learning Objectives: Determining what students should know and be able to do after completing the program.
  • Identify XR Technologies: The metaverse is a vast environment for career opportunities. Instructional Designers identify the XR technologies that support the learning objectives and future careers.
  • Design Learning Experiences: Instructional Design experts design learning experiences that are engaging, interactive, and immersive, tapping into the vast options available on different platforms, software, and hardware to best suit the learning objectives.
  • Create Assessments: Evaluating and accessing immersive education experiences has been a challenge for teachers around the world. Instructional Designers help develop academic standards for measuring student learning outcomes, often tapping into innovation and creativity.Painting in ENGAGE XR in Virtual Schooling workshop with Educators in VR.
  • Evaluate Effectiveness: As immersive learning expands in the classroom, Instructional Design professionals are evaluating the outcomes and research, creating data sets and collecting feedback over time on student performance, satisfaction, engagement, and transference to determine whether the program is meeting its goals.

The metaverse is expanding and evolving, encompassing multiple industries and diverse career paths, bringing together virtual world building, WebXR, communication, social media, marketing – even impacting job training and skills as XR and AR moves into the workplace. Instructional Designers are the innovators, the creatives, and designers that help teachers and schools match industry needs.

Our Educators in VR Teams are special interest groups that meet regularly to explore an XR industry vertical through the eyes of academia and business, hosting discussions and events that dive deeply into the specialty.

If you miss the October meetup, join us November 14, 2023, in ENGAGE XR.

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