Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the News & Updates Show

News & Updates logo.In 2018, Mark S. was determined to give back to his beloved AltspaceVR community. He spotted a gap in all the entertainment, social, and educational events – there wasn’t a good news show that covered the news and activities of AltspaceVR and VR in general. What better place to host such a show than in one of the oldest and most popular VR platforms. Today, five years later, the one-man news show evolved into a four-host full media production with staff reporters and a full support team in ENGAGE XR.

Join us tomorrow, September 15, 2023, to celebrate the 5th Anniversary Show by News & Updates.

Hosted by Lorelle, Karen, Marsha, and Steff, the VR show covers the news across the metaverse including platforms, XR devices, events and conferences in XR, and news from across the XR industry that applies to VR users and fans. Let’s not forget the regular “Fun Stuff” segment where we often move off the topic of VR to celebrate stupid human tricks, a fan favorite.

Club Euphoria in AltspaceVR by Mark S.News & Updates has produced and supported a wide variety of community events in AltspaceVR for thousands of event attendees including the 2018-2022 Halloween Maze events, Pride Month celebrations and floats, holiday storytelling and special events, fundraisers – too many to mention. Calling himself the Educators in VR Official Workhorse, Mark S. has been the lead world builder and consultant for Educators in VR since 2018, creating and developing some of the most iconic worlds we use, including multiple versions of our Educators in VR auditorium and Mark’s amazing Club Euphoria.

Over the years, the News & Updates has gone through many changes, adapting to improvements in technology, Unity, and platforms. Along the way, our team has grown in numbers as well as technologically. Produced once a week, we are enjoying the power of ENGAGE XR to create a spatial recording of our live show on Fridays and to air a repeat we call a Redux on Saturdays with the host avatars appearing as if they are right there on the stage.

Educators in VR started right after the News & Updates, and over the years, the supporting team has been so tightly integrated with Educators in VR, it is hard to spot the difference, so we made it official earlier this year.

The News & Updates staff also offers workshops on how to produce a TV-style news and talk show, and work with volunteers to train them on the process. We are proud that many of our volunteers have gone on to host their own unique and exciting shows all over the metaverse.

Come join us Friday to celebrate 5 years of News & Updates history, accomplishments, and fun! And join us every Friday and Saturday in ENGAGE XR and on our News & Updates Discord to keep up with the news from across the metaverse.

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