Educators in VR offers a wide range of opportunities for experts and enthusiasts in VR, AR, and XR immersive technologies to share their expertise and passion with our members.

Michael Zhang Presents on Social VR Research in AltspaceVR.

  • Educators in VR Weekly Workshops: Educators in VR hosts weekly workshops in AltspaceVR, Engage VR, and other social and event VR platforms. These workshops feature special guest speakers covering the wide range of XR topics and expertise.
  • Educators in VR Team Projects: Educators in VR’s Team Projects are special-interest groups meeting regularly in VR. They are always looking for guest speakers and topics on their speciality.
  • Workshops and Special Events: Educators in VR offers special events and conferences of all shapes and sizes in VR covering a wide range of topics for free and paid presentations and workshops. Recent examples include the VR Headset Hygiene and Safety Workshop with Evelien Ydo and Empowered You Workshop with Cailtin Krause and Dana-Maria Fanaker.
  • Conferences: Educators in VR offers regular conferences of our own, Students in VR, and in coordination with other companies with production services that often see recommendations on speakers and speaker topics.

Things You Need to Know Before Presenting in VR

Global HR Summit in AltspaceVR audience selfie.

  1. The majority of Educators in VR events are in VR.
  2. Presentations may be presented in a VR headset or 2D/Desktop (Windows 10 computer with over-the-ear headphones – Mac coming soon).
  3. Educators in VR will provide speaker training, but it helps if you have familiarity and experience navigating and using the social VR platform.
  4. Educators in VR presentations avoid using slides. VR succeed when communication is interactive and immersive. What works best is a conversation, a dialog between the speaker and the audience.
  5. Audiences in VR tend to be experienced pioneers. Expect their might know more than you do about VR, but they are welcoming and forgiving.
  6. Most presentation and workshop events last 60 minutes. There is usually 20-30 minutes for presentation and the rest Q&A and social.
  7. Register with AltspaceVR, Engage VR, etc. prior to applying to speak. We will require your login username for the platform upon which you will be presenting.
  8. Join the Educators in VR Discord, our main center of communication, to introduce yourself and get to know us and learn more about who we are and what we are all doing.
  9. Educators in VR is there to support and help you through the process. We’re excellent at holding hands in VR.

To apply to speak at an Educators in VR event, please use our Speaker Application form, and we will contact you soon after. Thank you!