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Educators in VR offers consulting, training, and production support for educators, students, researchers, business, educational institutions, and organizations and associations to help integrate immersive education.

Educators in VR values the community of educators and the educational industry. We believe in fostering an ecosystem of innovation, collaboration, and inclusion. Our mission is to bring together diverse perspectives, experiences, skills, and talents to create meaningful conversations and training to make a difference in the educational industry and beyond. We engage with industry leaders and organizations that share our vision for the future of education where innovation thrives. Join our pioneer community to help shape immersive education.

Since 2018, Educators in VR presents an annual average of 800 VR events, classes, workshops, business, and social events in virtual reality to over 70,000 participants, including the record-breaking Educators in VR 2020 International Summit featuring 170 speakers in 150+ events across 5 virtual platforms over 6 24hr days and the 2021 UniVirtual Experience conference over 30 days in May across 20 virtual platforms for over 6,000 event attendees. In 2022-24, EDVR produced monthly UniVirtual Experiences conferences.

The Educators in VR 2020 Summit was an amazing community-driven effort to showcase what that could look like. I did a rough estimate and factoring in the travel time and CO2 estimates that would have been spent. This summit took about 9 thousand cars off the road for the week of the summit and saved attendees around 5 million miles of travel. So whether we’re combating a global outbreak, climate change or remote work – there’s a lot that AltspaceVR and other VR platforms can do to help.

Katie Law as told to Charlie Finks on Forbes, “VR Takes The Stage As Conferences Cancel”

Virtual events and educational experiences save money, time, defy geographic limitations, and are green events as they significantly reduce carbon emissions and pollution. People from around the world meet any time of the day with no commute or travel plans in an immersive experience, feeling like they are “right there,” connecting, learning, and building strong relationships.


In ENGAGE XR, on the room walking up a ramp into a photo sphere of a moon valley with Educators in VR Training.Educators in VR offers a wide range of training events, workshops, and sessions. Please contact us to bring an Educators in VR training session to your school or business.

Educators in VR offers customizable training sessions for a single hour to multiple sessions, including:

  • Educators in VR Introduction to Immersive Education: A one-hour experience that introduces you to the potential for adding VR, AR, or XR to your teaching toolbox.
  • Teachers VR Boot Camp:  The intensive program includes hands-on training with VR equipment with instruction on VR software and applications. Teachers gain a solid understanding of how to integrate virtual reality into their curriculum and use it to enhance student learning with standards of pedagogy and methodology.
  • Speaker Training for VR Presentations: Lorelle VanFossen, director of Educators in VR, describes it this way: “Teaching in VR makes you a better teacher in the real world.” Speaker’s Training covers presentation styles, voice techniques, working with teaching media, and converting traditional teaching techniques into VR.
  • Photogrammetry workshop with Mark Jeffcock in ENGAGE XR with Educators in VR, with a car crash.World Building Workshops: Educators in VR offers a wide range of virtual world building workshops covering photogrammetry, Unity, Blender, educational world frameworks, and user experience.
  • VR Labs: Whether setting up a full VR lab in your school or adding VR to the classroom, the EDVR VR Labs workshop provides you with the tips, techniques, safety and privacy issues, and a breakdown of typical equipment and layouts.
  • VR Event Hosting: Designed for teachers and entertainers, an introduction to hosting an event in VR covering how to select a platform, book and promote the event, and build a support community around the event or workshop.
  • VR Event Moderation and Management: Educators in VR specializes in training and workshop programs for those creating and supporting events including VR event moderation, event scheduling, management, and more.
  • VR Filming: Educators in VR produces hundreds of videos every year in VR. The VR Filming Workshop covers the basics of how to film and live stream in VR, and provides opportunity to put that knowledge into experience.

For more information on how to attend a virtual event with Educators in VR, see our guide on how to attend, and check out our Educators in VR Event Calendar. Contact us for custom private training programs. Join us to take your students and staff on an unforgettable journey into the future of learning.

Professional Consulting

Whether for integrating immersive technology into the classroom and school, or advising schools, businesses, and associations on producing virtual events and conferences, Educators in VR can help.

The Last Glacier by Lorelle VanFossen for Educators in VR.The Educators in VR Consultant Team will help you:

  • Structure your virtual classroom or event.
  • Advise on best practices, methodology, and pedagogy.
  • Explore VR event logistics.
  • Review and evaluate virtual social, event, and educational platforms.
  • Assist with scheduling and time zone management.
  • Offer recommendations on:
    • Marketing virtual events and conferences.
    • Virtual world event spaces and structures.
    • Event hosting.
    • Event moderation and crowd-control.
    • Speaker preparation and training.
    • Support team preparation and training.
    • Event recording and live streaming.

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss the options for consulting on your next virtual event.

Production Support

2020 Educators in VR International Summit - Closing Ceremonies Social - by globeThe Educators in VR Production Team has decades of experience producing real-world adventures from basic workshops to weekly-long conferences, retreats, educational programs, and curriculum. We understand well how to help you make the transition from real-world event to virtual event.

According to Canadian entrepreneur and AR/VR/MR/XR Developer, Daniel Blair:

I’ve been to hundreds of conferences as an entrepreneur, but I’ve made stronger business connections and more meaningful relationships in a few months in social VR than any conference.

Educators in VR produces workshops, classes, meetups, and conferences for professional, educational organizations including Silicon Hagen Denmark, Virtual World Society Fireside Chat, the Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN), Burning Man (BRCVR), Oculus Education, Human Resources Network, and other companies across multiple XR platforms.

Highlights include:
Virtual World Society Fireside Chat produced in ENGAGE XR by Educators in VR.

  • 2020 Educators in VR International Summit in February 2020 across 5 virtual platforms
  • Students in VR conference in AltspaceVR and ENGAGE
  • The first-ever 24-hr English Lesson and fundraiser for COVID-19 Italy in AltspaceVR in May 2020
  • The Virtual Reality Day 24 Hours in VR international celebration
  • Oculus Education events
  • Democracy Builder’s Middle School and High School Student Debate with Tulsa Public Schools and Boston’s Brooke Charter Schools in AltspaceVR
  • The iLRN 2020 (Immersive Learning Research Network) virtual conference in VirBELA and AltspaceVR in 2020 & 2021
  • Global HR Summit in September
  • The YOUNGA (Youth take-over of the UN virtual conference) in ENGAGE XR in October 2020
  • The Virtual World Society Fireside Chat and special events since 2019
  • University of Michigan XR Summit 2021
  • Burning Man Ranger training, consulting, and event support 2020-2022
  • United Nations SME conferences in AltspaceVR and ENGAGE XR
  • AIXR VR Web Awards 2021-2022
  • Girls in STEAM Institute Girls Virtual Reality Team Business Challenge since 2020
  • and many other private and public VR events.

Alvin Wang Graylin of HTC Vive speaking in Engage at the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit.Educators in VR’s Production Team offers assistance for VR events and workshops on:

  • Consultation
  • Platform Analysis and Recommendation
  • Scheduling
  • Training
    • Support Staff Training
    • Speakers Training
  • Logistics
  • Virtual World Customization and Building
  • Event Recording
  • Event Filming and Live Streaming
  • Social Media and Marketing

We are available to discuss your virtual event and help you make it a success.