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Educators in VR offers consulting, training, and production support for educators, learners, faculties, researchers, business, educational institutions, virtual apps, and organizations and associations.

The Educators in VR team represents decades of teaching, training, and event production experience. Since 2018, Educators in VR has presented hundreds of virtual educational, business, and social events in virtual reality, including the record-breaking Educators in VR International Summit featuring 170 speakers in 150+ events across 5 virtual platforms over 6 24hr days.

The Educators in VR summit was an amazing community-driven effort to showcase what that could look like. I did a rough estimate and factoring in the travel time and CO2 estimates that would have been spent. This summit took about 9 thousand cars off the road for the week of the summit and saved attendees around 5 million miles of travel. So whether we’re combating a global outbreak, climate change or remote work – there’s a lot that AltspaceVR and other VR platforms can do to help.
Quote by Katie Law in “VR Takes The Stage As Conferences Cancel” by Charlie Finks on Forbes

Virtual events save money, time, defy geographic limitations, and are green events as their impact on the environment significantly reduces carbon emissions and pollution. People can meet any time of the day with no commute or travel plans in an immersive experience, feeling like they are “right there,” connecting, learning, and building strong relationships.

VR events can happen in traditional meeting spaces, historical places, fantasy worlds, or just about anywhere you can or can’t imagine. Educators in VR works with clients to ensure a unique and engaging experience that is comfortable for all.

VR events happen in a variety of social and educational virtual platforms on mobile and tethered VR devices, as well as on Windows desktop computers in 2D, offering inclusive experiences for your students, teams, or audience.

Virtuial World Society Presentation with Tom Furness

Educators in VR produced the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit in February 2020 across 5 virtual platforms, Students in VR conference in AltspaceVR and ENGAGE and first-ever 24-hr English Lesson and fundraiser for COVID-19 Italy in AltspaceVR in May, over 8 hours of the Virtual Reality Day 24 Hours in VR Outdoor presentation outside of Educators in VR Training Centerinternational celebration, Oculus Education and Democracy Builder’s Middle School and High School Student Debate with Tulsa Public Schools and Boston’s Brooke Charter Schools in AltspaceVR, the iLRN 2020 (Immersive Learning Research Network) virtual conference in VirBELA and AltspaceVR in June 2020, Global HR Summit in September, the YOUNGA (Youth take-over of the UN virtual conference) in ENGAGE in October, another Students in VR conference this fall, and the Virtual World Society Fireside Chat and upcoming conferences, along with the next Educators in VR International Summit in February 2021, which is already slated to break all the rules.

Educators in VR also produces workshops, classes, and meetups for professional, educational organizations including Silicon Hagen Denmark, Virtual World Society Fireside Chat, and special events with Oculus Education.

Let us know how we can help you integrate virtual and spatial reality into your classroom, school, or business.


Alvin Wang Graylin of HTC Vive speaking in Engage at the 2020 Educators in VR International Summit.As leading experts in virtual events and conferences, Educators in VR is available for consulting and advising on your next virtual event, or if you are considering moving your event or classroom to virtual reality, or adding a virtual component.

While it may appear as easy as turning a real-world meeting into an online conference call, VR is an immersive experience proven to be an intimate and accessible way to connect online. According to Canadian entrepreneur and AR/VR/MR/XR Developer, Daniel Blair:

I’ve been to hundreds of conferences as an entrepreneur, but I’ve made stronger business connections and more meaningful relationships in a few months in social VR than any conference.

There are the normal speaker and audience logistics and management challenges in virtual reality, and the stress of booking event and lodging spaces goes away – a bit, but there are different challenges. In a real-world conference, attendees and speakers fly in from around the world to a single time zone. In virtual reality, people attend from any time zone. Everything needs to be scheduled in VR, including arrangements for social networking and exhibit hall access.

Our research and experiences reveal that people want to attend virtual events in a flexible manner, and they tend to be fairly creative in process, and our experts will help you understand the audience journey through your virtual event to maximize attendance and access.

The Educators in VR Consultant Team will help you:

  • Structure your virtual event.
  • Advise on best practices.
  • Explore speaker and audience logistics.
  • Help review and evaluate virtual social, event, and educational platforms.
  • Assist with event schedule and time zone management.
  • Offer recommendations on:
    • Marketing virtual events and conferences.
    • Event recording and live streaming.
    • Virtual world event spaces and structures.
    • Event hosting.
    • Event moderation and crowd-control.
    • Speaker preparation and training.
    • Support team preparation and training.

Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss the options for consulting on your next virtual event.


Speakers rehearse with slides in the Educators in VR International Summit practice spaces.Educators in VR offers a wide range of training events, workshops, and sessions for educators, faculty, businesses, and associations. It is the mission of Educators in VR to integrate virtual and spatial technologies into education and business as a powerful tool for learning and engagement. We are ready to customize our training programs to meet your needs.

VR is here. AR is here. The technology is in consumer hands and people are using it to explore the world in a new way.

If you want to get someone’s attention, either show them something they’ve never seen before, or show it to them in a way they’ve never seen it before. VR offers a way to show people the world, your world, your business, your product, your services, in a way they’ve never seen it before.
Lorelle VanFossen, co-founder, Educators in VR

Educators in VR offers customizable training sessions for a single hour to multiple sessions, including:

  • Educators in VR 101 introduction to VR in education.
  • Educators in VR 201 intermediate level VR introduction.
  • Speaker 101 Training for presenting in VR.
  • World building basics.
  • 3D modeling.
  • VR Labs
  • Exploring virtual and VR social and event platforms.
  • Immersive and interactive classroom experiences.
  • Virtual event hosting.
  • Virtual event moderation and management.
  • Presentation Management in VR: Slides and Videos.

Educators in VR offers free trainings and workshops weekly in AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, and other virtual social and educational platforms. They are open to all and free to attend. For more information on how to attend a virtual event with Educators in VR, see our guide on how to attend.

Please contact us to bring an Educators in VR training session to your business.

Production Support

2020 Educators in VR International Summit - Closing Ceremonies Social - by globeThe Educators in VR Production Team has decades of experience producing real-world adventures from basic workshops to weekly-long conferences, retreats, educational programs, and curriculum. We understand well how to help you make the transition from real-world event to virtual event.

Educators in VR has produced virtual conferences, marathon events and fundraisers, workshops, classes, trainings, platform onboarding, and special events, averaging about 20 hours of VR content per week for the past two years.

Educators in VR’s Production Team offers:

  • Consultation
  • Platform Analysis and Recommendation
  • Training
    • Support Staff
    • Speakers
  • Logistics
  • Virtual World Customization and Building
  • Event Recording
  • Event Live Streaming
  • Social Media and Marketing

And so much more.

We are available to discuss your virtual event and help you make it a success.