Team Projects

Educators in VR’s Team Projects are a way you can connect with people working on the same projects and passions as you. We’ve a wonderful diverse community of educators, learners, researchers, and passionate enthusiasts hosting regular meetings, workshops, special events, and conferences to explore their interests with experts from around the world.

It doesn’t stop there. Our members share tips, techniques, research, and resources on these subjects regularly to help us all stay informed and up-to-date on the latest news and technology.

vLanguage Learning

Michael McDonald - Gold Lotus vlanguage learningUsing virtual and augmented reality, the team is researching, exploring, and developing classes and workshops to work with ESL, immigrants, and refugees to improve their language and self-confidence skills. The team is lead by Michael McDonald of GoldLotus Ltd, bringing together some of the world’s experts in immersive language learning regularly in their meetings and special events. In a ground-breaking VR event, Educators in VR and the vLanguage Learning team helped produce the world’s first 24 Hour English Lesson Fundraiser led by Michael McDonald and a diverse range of special guests across 3 virtual platforms, raising money for the Coronavirus Emergency Fund for Leece, Italy, an area hit very hard by the virus.

vCoaching and Personal Development

Cailtin Krause and Dana Maria - Build Your Better Self in VRThe vCoaching team dives deeply into research and development of apps, tools, and programs on the psychological impact of virtual reality on personal and professional skill building, phobias, therapy, and training. The team is lead by Dana-Maria aka CaptainVR. During the COVID-19 crisis, the vCoaching team held open discussion sessions in AltspaceVR for the community and members to discuss various stress relieving tools, apps, and even virtual worlds in VR, supporting so many in this time of need. The team continues with topics on personal and professional development including free and paid sessions with trainers, psychologists, developers, therapists, and life and professional coaches, including the successful Build Your Better Self in VR Workshop with Caitlin Krause of MindWise and CaptainVR’s Dana-Maria Faneker.

VR Research

Hurricane Preparedness VR ResearchThe collaborative community of Educators in VR researchers are exploring a wide variety of research projects in VR/AR/XR/MR related to education work, and is lead by Evelien Ydo, Masters student of Educational Science and Technology at the University of Twente, Netherlands. They host meetups in AltspaceVR every other week along with special events and guest speakers helping us see the potential in immersive research and studies. During the COVID-19 self-isolation, the VR Research team created the VR Research Help Wanted Campaign to invite researchers around the world, separated from their labs and campus offices, to submit research forms, surveys, and interview applications that the team would then share across the Educators in VR members social media channels. It was a tremendous success and helped so many continue with their research, academic track, and careers.

Computer Science and Math

Educators and trainers pushing virtual technologies across multiple platforms and building apps in programming and maths. The research, development, and ground-breaking practicum work is led by Nicolas Barrone of Universe and Computer Science in VR.

Science and Medical

COVID-19 - Immersive ClassroomTeam members are exploring the potential for access, training, and education of VR and AR in health tech and science, and reviewing current apps, platforms, and technology. This group is currently looking for a new team leader. If you are interested in exploring the vast immersive technology in modern medicine and healthcare, please contact us or join us on our Educators in VR Discord.

Diversity and Access

Educators in VR - Cyberbullying Month WorkshopsThis diverse team helped to develop the month long series of workshops on cyberbullying in VR for October’s National Bullying Month in the United States, and continues to focus on innovative educational and social apps on empathy, diversity, autism, and equal access with marginal learners with education, leadership, and employment opportunities. Anna Xygkou, PhD Student at University of Kent Immersive Technologies and Autism, was so successful with her diversity project, she created the Autism Channel supported on Discord with regular events in AltspaceVR. The group hosts meetups and special events and workshops on diversity, inclusion, bullying, and sensitivity issues.

Cultural Heritage Preservation

Ancient Egypt and Pyramids in AltspaceVR.The Cultural Heritage Preservation team project’s goal is to bring together experts and enthusiasts in history, culture, heritage, and the preservation of these in 3D, VR, AR, and XR. Our goal isn’t just preservation but the development of these precious virtual resources for education, interaction, and adventure. We dream of visiting the Forum in Ancient Greece at a time when the structures were in full bloom, people milling about, shopping, debating, and gathering, moving among the crowds, learning as we go. Until then, we’re meeting regularly to learn about the options available to explore and from the developers and designers on how they are preserving our past for the future.

Curriculum Development

A team of dedicated VR professionals and enthusiasts are developing diverse curriculum for various educational levels and subject matter on VR/AR/XR/MR. Led by Lorelle VanFossen, this team is working on developing curriculum as modular units, reviewing XR apps, and setting a standard for virtual education and tools.


The Math Team Project explores the use of VR and AR in the classroom for youth through university, exchanging ideas, apps, and curriculum. They will be meeting soon to share those insights and feature guest speakers to help educators learn more about immersive tools and apps for education.

Other Educators in VR Team Projects

Team Projects begin when a group of Educators in VR members have the desire to meet with others with a shared and vested interest. The following groups are either in their early development or desired by many but lack a leader. If you are interested, please contact us or join us on our Educators in VR Discord.

  • Content Creation
  • Virtual Schooling
  • Science