Cyberbullying Meetup with Erica Siegal in AltspaceVR.Educators in VR offers a wide range of volunteer roles and tasks associated with our free events, workshops, activities, and projects. Each provides an opportunity to learn more about working, teaching, studying, event hosting, and embracing the world of social VR. Educators in VR’s team provides free training and support.

  • Event Moderation: Educators in VR offers over 200 free events, workshops, socials, classes, and training experiences annually, supported by moderators who help with greet arrivals and crowd control.
  • Event Hosting: Event hosts are experienced moderators and presenters who assist with the presentation of events in VR, helping to introduce speakers and manage the Q&A.
  • Educators in VR Volunteer Form button.Team Project Leaders: Team Projects bring together individuals interested in a related topic such as VR Research and XR technologies, applications, and use in education for medical and healthcare, science, virtual schooling, history and heritage, language arts, and more. These are led by volunteer Team Leaders and supported by volunteers eager to expand their experiences and expertise on these subjects.
  • Filming and Livestreaming: Educators in VR’s YouTube Channel features videos and livestreams mostly by our volunteer contributors.
  • Logistics and Support: Educators in VR hosts over 500 events in VR annually across multiple platforms, with the majority of them free to members and the community. Volunteers for support and logistics are often needed to help direct traffic, assist with training, build or customize worlds, and so many other tasks associated with volunteer and event management.
  • Trainers: We have a growing group of experienced moderators, event hosts, and teachers assisting us with free and open to the public training workshops on using VR and VR platforms.

Educators in VR’s training and volunteer experience benefits you by expanding your experience and knowledge of how to use social and event VR for your own classes and experiences. Educators in VR is growing quickly and we tend to hire people from among our volunteer supporters as few have the experience we need, so consider volunteering on-the-job training.

Recommended Qualifications

  1. Familiarity and experience with social VR platforms.
  2. Patience is required.
  3. Willing to be brave. This is pioneering stuff, so bravery comes with the VR headset automatically.
  4. Heart of service. We are so grateful to everyone who helps in the smallest and largest ways, but we appreciate most those who do this because they have a heart of service and they believe in the exciting potential to change hearts, minds, and lives with VR, AR, and XR.

To join our growing volunteer team, use our Volunteer Application. We look forward to working with you. Thank you!