Educators in VR Institute

Workshop on Cyberbullying with Educators in VR in AltspaceVR.The Educators in VR Institute offers classes, workshops, and special ticketed events to the general public in virtual reality and mixed reality, It offers classes you would find anywhere online, with a strong focus on immersive learning, mixing the virtual with reality.

Educators in VR Rental World - Norway ExhibitCourses include language learning, creative writing, history, science, math, communication, and so much more, as well as offers basic, intermediate, and advance courses in working in and with virtual reality including virtual world and app development and design, teaching in VR, and social VR platform tips and techniques.

Just like other online classes, VR classes and workshops are offered around the time zone clock, with some courses offered at different times to accommodate different time zones. Please pay close attention to the time and the time zones offered to ensure one is listed at a time that is good for your schedule.

Educators in VR Rental World - EDVR Underwater 1For more information, subscribe to the mailing list announcing upcoming classes and workshops beginning in January, including English language courses, writing workshops, and tips and techniques for thriving in VR.

Classes and workshops are held in AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, and other VR and online conferencing platforms. For information on how to attend, see our How to Attend in VR guide.