24 Hour English Lesson Fundraiser

GoFundMe Campaign for the Educators in VR International Summit

This is the schedule for the first-ever 24 Hour English Lesson in VR. Led by innovative language instructor Michael McDonald of Gold Lotus consultancy in Lecce, Italy, this unique fundraising event supports the GoFundMe campaign for the Coronavirus Emergency Fund for Lecce, Italy.

An Educators in VR event, Michael will be presenting 24 hours of English lessons in virtual reality in AltspaceVR, ENGAGE, and rumii. If you are new to these platforms, please visit them and install them to your Windows computer (using a gaming headphones and mic) or install them through Steam, Oculus, or your VR store. We recommend you visit and explore these worlds prior to the event to familiarize yourself with navigation and event access.

For more information and details about the hour-long events across 24-hours, see our announcement.

NOTE: Events and times subject to change without notice. AltspaceVR event links are still pending.

HourTime PSTTime ItalyTopicPlatform Event Link
12 AM10 AMKeynote: A Call to Arms – How VR and Education can Inspire Language Learning & Cultural Exchange with special guest Daniel Dyboski-Bryant.AltspaceVR
23 AM11 AMHow to Build Reading Skills – how can we use VR to support reading development, with special guest Federico Pianzola.AltspaceVR
34 AM12 PMSports – Compare and contrast different English accents of the world’s most famous sports people.AltspaceVR
45 AM1 PMTour the News – We’ll cover the week’s top news stories for discussion, but not the Coronavirus.AltspaceVR
56 AM2 PMTeach the Teacher – Tips and Tricks on how to use VR for language learning.ENGAGE
67 AM3 PMNature – Explore some of the world’s most beautiful natural sites in the 360 degree video room. ENGAGE
78 AM4 PMHow to Build Writing Skills in VR with guest Lorelle VanFossen, expert writer, blogger, and web publisher.AltspaceVR
89 AM5 PMImmersive Travel and Cultural Heritage – with special guests Margherita Berti and Dominique Lyoen.AltspaceVR
910 AM6 PMSpace Tour – Let’s get extraterrestrial and tour the Moon and Mars.ENGAGE
1011 AM7 PMTravel – Tour Ancient Avebury, a 5,000 year old Neolithic site in England, and learn about its ancient people, culture, and history.ENGAGE
1112 PM8 PMCrime and Punishment – Let’s play Sherlock Holmes detective with grizzly medieval punishments and unsolved crimes.AltspaceVR
121 PM9 PMBooks – Listen to some short stories from readers around the world.AltspaceVR
132 PM10 PMMusic – Listen to some music from around the world and learn how to describe different genres along with special guest Margie, long-time barbershop quartet singer.AltspaceVR
143 PM11 PMMoney – The past, present and future of money and explore a HUGE £50 English banknoterumii room code rjeqw1
154 PM12 AMThe Past, Present and Future of Transport – Jump on a London Underground train and learn about the history of one of the world’s oldest metro systems.rumii room code rjeqw1
165 PM1 AMThe Art of Study – How to approach the way you study and teach to build confidence and success, with special guests Abi Smithson and Holly Smithson.AltspaceVR
176 PM2 AMNature and Environment – Learn about bees and their importance with Alan Chao and his “Ask a Beekeeper” project.AltspaceVR
187 PM3 AMFestivals around the world featuring international guests and audience with special guest Rohit Chaube – an Indian in America.AltspaceVR
198 PM4 AMPhotography – Group discussion on the world’s most iconic photographs with special guest Mat Chacon of Doghead Simulations (rumiiVR).AltspaceVR
209 PM5 AMFood and Drink – Explore food from around the world including traditional delicacies and food history.AltspaceVR
2110 PM6 AMInventions – Look at some of the wackiest and most significant inventions ever made.AltspaceVR
2211 PM7 AMHow to Thrive in a Global Community – with special guests Steve Bambury and Dr Sana FaridAltspaceVR
2312 AM8 AMSuperstitions around the World – Learn about strange superstitions in the past.AltspaceVR
241 AM9 AMCLOSING TALK: The Future of Foreign Language Learning and Teaching.AltspaceVR