By joining Educators in VR, you support our on-going work supporting educators, students, XR researchers, and passionate users in VR. You help fund our research and development. And a percentage of your membership fees benefit our Students in VR project supporting student leaders in XR technologies.

Educators in VR VR Research Team Project Meetup.Educational tour with Educators in VR on Covid-19 virtual world.

All Members

All Educators in VR subscribing members receive our Educators in VR newsletter with updates, event listing, member and partner highlights, and links to apps, resources, and research to support XR immersive technology in education, and invite to our Member-only events and Discord channel. Membership also automatically enrolls you as a member of Students in VR, our leadership program for students in XR technology.

Educators Level

Our Educators Level members are the heart of our organization. We believe that there is a teacher in all of us, seeking knowledge, teaching and sharing by example. The Educators Level includes access to curated resources and information, a 10% discount for our Educators in VR Institute classes and workshops, and discounts with our partners, platform partners, and produce and services licenses and affiliate discounts.

We currently have discounts arranged with MetaVRse, XR Bootcamp, Virtual World Society, and Computer Science in VR, with more on the way. The membership for Educators is £25 monthly and £280 annually.

Supporters Level

Our Supporters Level members help us keep our free workshops, classes, trainings, and events going all year long. They receive a subscription to our Educators in VR member newsletter and access to member-only events and activities. They are also automatically a member of Students in VR. The membership for Supports is £5 a month or £50 annually.