Educators in VR taps into many news and educational resources to provide our members with the latest in technology and research news in virtual reality and education. We also cooperate with other groups dedicated to VR and education. To keep up with the latest news and research, join us on our Educators in VR Discord channel.

VR Education Groups and Organizations

Virtual Reality and Education News and Research

Bringing Virtual Reality to Your Educational Facility

Many of us struggle with tight budgets, skeptical faculty and administrators, and wary parents. We’ve highlighted many articles and research items on our Educators in VR Discord server and on this site, and here are some articles and videos that might prove helpful, or at least inspiring, demonstrating the diverse uses of VR in education and training.

Educational Institutions Integrating VR

Apps, Tools, and Other Resources

These are apps, tools, and other resources offering VR experiences for various educational levels. Educators in VR does not endorse these but offer them as examples of what’s out there and the potential application of VR in education.