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UniVirtual Experience
May 1-30, 2021

International festival of immersive technology in education and beyond in partnership and collaboration with Educators in VR, Virtual World Society, and you.

  • 30-day free and open to the public events across multiple metaverse, social and educational VR platforms.
  • Reach an active community of over 5,000 educators, students, schools, researchers, trainers, businesses, families, and passionate XR users.
  • Educators in VR 2020 International Summit’s 6-day conference hosted 150 events across 5 VR platforms for over 6,000 attendees.
  • 30 days exposure and beyond directly to consumers, influencers, academia, and eager buyers.
  • Innovative open and informal discussions featuring world leaders and influencers in XR technology and business along with workshops, classes, socials, and special events including concerts and fundraisers.

Educators in VR, Virtual World Society, and our collaborative team are dedicated to the integration of immersive technologies into education, business, and life. The UniVirtual Experience’s month-long conference celebrates the diversity and opportunities for XR.

Sponsorship Levels

  • Infinity Sponsor $25K: Front and center promotion, event world naming, dedicated feature events, display booth, and after-event special hosted by Educators in VR.
  • Galaxy Sponsor $5K: Prominent promotion, event world naming, featured event, and display booth.
  • Stellar Sponsor $1500: Promotion, featured event, and images in exhibition hall.
  • Supporter $500: Promotion and display in exhibition hall.

To sponsor the UniVirtual Experience, contact us for details and check out our UniVirtual Experience May 1-30 2021 Sponsor Pitch (PDF).

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